‘Ljubljana and its legends’ tour, 2h


The Belowed.

Ljubljana is often called an European jewel or a small blend of Prague and Amsterdam. It's a 'town with a soul', as visitors often comment.
The vibrant old town is concentrated along the banks of Ljubljanica river, full of weeping willows and small balconies. The Castle on the hill still looks like it's protecting the romantic city below.
We are going to get lost within medieval streets, admire an interesting blend of different architectural styles, stroll down several romantic river promenades, discover some of its hidden monuments, enjoy in the town's greenery and most importantly learn about stories and fairy tales which connect present and past. The dragon is an important part of Ljubljana mythology, but not the only one. Ljubljena means the belowed and you will definitely fall in love with it.

Tour start: Ljubljana main square, at the monument of the poet. Prešernov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Tour length: 2h.

Included: a walk through the old town of Ljubljana with a private guide. A revival of the past and present through local legends and stories.